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First blog post

A lot of times when I’m at work or simply out and about someone would stop and ask where did I get that piece of clothing I’m wearing. Most times my answer would be Ross, TJ Maxx, Marshalls or any other  local Boutique or Women’s clothing store I’ve discovered. And their response  would be “I like that but I hate looking for clothes at Ross” or TJ Maxx.


Well that’s all in the fun for me. I love the chase of a nice piece. I love discovering women clothing  that others are impatient to discover or stumble upon . It tickles my fancy when I find a piece that’s discounted or at a great bargain with good quality or a recognized brand.


By no means am I a label chaser,  I just like nice clothing.  To be quite honest there’s a lot of high or shall I say top designers that I don’t recognize LOL. My overall goal or my gift is that I simply have an eye…. an eye for bargains and the patience to find them.


Let me be your personal shopper – The Dealer. Let me be the one that does all the legwork and find the bargains for you and close the Deal was created out of hardship… Yes hardship.  With the daily task of taking care of an aging mother I had to create a source of income that would allow me to take care of her and create my own schedule.  I guess it’s safe to say my survival skills as well as my entrepreneur heart kicked in. I no longer allowed myself to host a pity party and decided to do something for me as well as my family.


And that’s really how  got started.


My overall goal is to have virtual showcases with bargains I find.I will also feature videos of myself and other models giving you a view of the fit and flow of the piece.


I look forward to this endeavor as I will continue to share bargains I find and the deals I close for …The Mature The Stylish The Classy

Woman of the Next Level




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